Building Spaces for Nature: The Mirabel Fish Screen & Fish Ladder Replacement

The Mirabel Fish Screen & Fish Ladder Replacement consists of the construction of a new fish ladder, six intake bays with fish screens and a fish screen cleaning system along with a viewing gallery with approximately 320 square feet of windows.

Contract Value is $12,032,000.00 (not including Change Orders issued to date). The project started July 21, 2014 and is contracted to be complete February 11, 2016. Project started with the installation of the Wohler Bridge fish bypass and cofferdam. With the bladder dam being out of operation until the project is near completion, this fish bypass and cofferdam allowed Sonoma County Water Agency to have water backed up during the low water flow summer months.


Susie Turpin, Project Manager and Joe George, Superintendent both agree that, “This is a complicated project that has taken a large effort from all involved to keep the project moving forward successfully. Working with the entire project team and seeing the project come to life is our favorite part.”

The Team is currently forming and pouring concrete. The scheduling and the sequencing of these activities are critical. There is constant coordination between F&H forming crews and the rebar subcontractor as well as the engineers. We have completed pouring all of the concrete slabs within the structure as well as approximately 25% of the slabs outside the structure. F&H is currently focused on getting the walls completely poured by middle of November.

1510-eBlast-2-600px“The day to day challenges and seeing the project team work seamlessly together to accomplish what sometimes seems like the impossible,” are what inspire Susie and Joe about this project.

Frank Beltran with CMC Rebar installs rebar and some of his daily operations at this particular jobsite are “the rebar in slabs, walls, and grade beams.”

When asked what he likes most about this project he answers, “It is not a typical project and F&H has went above and beyond to help assist with some unclear situations.” Frank Beltran has learned that “it is very important to double check structural drawings to make sure our detailers have proper information before material is fabricated in our shop.”

F&H Construction has worked together with CMC Rebar on numerous projects and is proud to have established a successful relationship with this subcontractor. “CMC Rebar’s work ethic and services are outstanding and this is a subcontractor we can count on,” says President Charles Ferrell.