Building Spaces for Nature

The Mirabel Fish Screen Ladder project consists of construction of a vertical slot fish ladder, fish screen with 6 intake bays, and viewing gallery with 400 square feet of viewing windows, near the town of Forestville, Sonoma County, California. The work includes a temporary dam and rock fish passage upstream of the Wohler Bridge, pipe pile foundation system, fish […]

Michael Dodge, California Financial Services

F&H Construction conducts intensive reviews of the design documents, as they are developed to minimize construction problems and potential delays. Their team also provides recommendations for the feasibility and availability of materials and labor forces based on the current market.

An Investment in our Children

At the ground-breaking ceremony on August 14, 2013, the District and community dignitaries announced with great pride their commitment to the continuous improvement and modernization of Pittsburg schools. At Heights Elementary School, where there were formerly athletic fields and playgrounds, F&H successfully completed Phase 1 of this project, constructing a new, 75,000 square feet, two-story, […]