Welcome to F&H Construction’s Planroom. To register with our Planroom, simply send an email to our Estimating Department using the contact form on this page, and you will be sent some basic information.


After that, you will be added to SmartBid, our subcontractor database, and from that point on, the email address that you specified will receive bid information, addenda, prequalification invitations or notices when your trade is involved.


F&H utilizes some of the most advanced construction bidding software tools in the industry to search the local and regional markets for the most qualified subcontractors.


With our online planroom www.smartbid.co we can send communications and project files to thousands of subcontractors and construction product vendors locally, throughout California, and companies nationwide to maximize efficiencies, and cost benefits for the Client.


Subcontractor Prequalification

To best manage our relationship with subcontractor partners, F&H Construction requests that subcontractors participate in our Prequalification Program.

While Prequalification is not required to bid with F&H Construction, certain subcontractors must complete the Prequalification process to be awarded a contract.


Participation in our Prequalification program will improve our ability to collaborate with subcontractors while providing them with the benefit of inclusion in potential selected project lists.

Download a copy of our Prequalification Questionnaire. 

For assistance with the submittal process, please email us using the contact form on this page.


F&H Bid Center

Welcome subcontractors! Partner with us as we build Spaces for Life. Register with the Bid Center for access to bid information and upcoming jobs you can be a part of. To access the Bid Center please contact us by phone at 209-931-3738 or by email to obtain a password. After you receive your password click Access Bid Center button below to gain access.

Access Bid Center