Extensive experience with the lease-leaseback delivery method

ROBERT PIERCE, Deputy Superintendent

F&H Construction was selected as the lease-leaseback entity for the Franklin Elementary School campus after competing in a rigorous RFP/Q process against many well-qualified firms with proven track records with the District. In addition to their lower proposed costs, F&H Construction was selected due to their extensive experience with the lease-leaseback delivery method, construction methodologies that would ensure adherence to the District’s schedule and the quality of the team proposed for the project.

F&H has demonstrated the capacity to staff each of the projects and each is managed and supported by a different team. F&H’s management of subcontractors has resulted in a strong local presence and projects scheduling and workflow have been outstanding to date. The elementary school project is approximately one month of schedule and the Rutter Science Center is on schedule; both projects are on budget.


Experienced team, previous experience with animal shelter construction

LORI MORTON-FEAZELL, Manager Animal Control and Licensing

As a representative of San Mateo County Health, I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of F&H Construction. F&H Construction was selected by San Mateo County to build the new Animal Care and Control Shelter as a design-build project. They were selected due to their previous experience with animal shelter construction, construction methodologies that adhered to the County’s needed schedule and many stake holders, as well as lower proposed costs. F&H Construction demonstrated the capacity to work on this project and be supported by an experienced team. I personally witnessed F&H’s management of subcontractors during the construction, which resulted in a strong local presence. In addition, their project scheduling and workflow was outstanding throughout the project. On this project, F&H worked collaboratively with the design team, inspectors, health system staff, San Mateo County’s project development unit and the subcontractors. They were responsive to the County’s needs and consistently provide detailed reports for required documentation, i.e., skilled and trained workforce reports. The F&H teams remained focused on the project deadlines and budgets and went “above and beyond” to keep the projects moving steadily forward. I appreciate their expertise and partnership on this beautifully built building in San Mateo County. I can confidently recommend F&H Construction based on their ability to deliver what they promise and to be a strong partner throughout the project.



2017 APWA Silicon Valley Chapter Project of the Year

Morgan Hill Downtown Parking Structure

Recipient of the 2017 APWA Silicon Valley Chapter Project of the Year Award, 2017 Community Impact Structures Award and 2017 AVBJ Structures Award for Community Impact.


Leed Gold Certification

William S. Richardson School of Law-Community Legal Outreach Center

Gold designation included: diversion of 86% of the on-site generated construction waste from the landfill; sourcing 48% of the materials from the region; access to public transportation; bicycle racks; double-pane tinted windows; low-flow water use features; high quality of indoor air and ventilation; occupant-controlled lighting and motion sensors; water-efficient landscaping; an overall “energy cost savings” of 31% from various features.


Kuhulu Hale Award

Kohala High School STEM/Science Facility

Kohala High School STEM/Science Facility project has received the 2022 Kuhulu Hale Award. This project was awarded the Green Building Award by NAIOP Hawaii, Commercial Real Estate Development Association.