An Investment in our Children

At the ground-breaking ceremony on August 14, 2013, the District and community dignitaries announced with great pride their commitment to the continuous improvement and modernization of Pittsburg schools.

At Heights Elementary School, where there were formerly athletic fields and playgrounds, F&H successfully completed Phase 1 of this project, constructing a new, 75,000 square feet, two-story, state-of-the-art school building, including 31 Classrooms, auxiliary Science and Laboratory Rooms, a Multi-Purpose/Student Center, Kitchen and Food Service Space, Administrative Offices, Library, Student Toilet Rooms, Staff Toilet Rooms, along with various Site Amenities. The school was opened as scheduled for Pre-K through 5th grade students on August 20, 2014.

Phase 2 is underway, which includes the demolition and removal of the obsolete school buildings and the construction of additional playgrounds and new athletic fields in their place, including a baseball diamond and a soccer field, along with site improvements, including drainage reservoirs and hardscape.

With extraordinary budget and schedule challenges, F&H met the District’s timetable to open the new school facility within one year of the issuance of a Notice to Proceed.

The significance of this achievement was noted at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on August 23, 2014. Deputy Superintendent Enrique Palacios said “the new Heights Elementary School represents the District’s commitment to equity, high expectations, and collaboration. This project keeps the promise to voters in 2010 Measure L to build a new Heights Elementary School.” He also cited F&H’s support and assistance to the District in achieving its investment in the educational future of its children.

Echoing that Deputy Superintendent, the Senior Project Inspector Chris Gallup said the he “found F&H Construction to be an excellent Company to work with throughout the Heights Elementary School project. When issues arose, they approached them, as a Team member, to get the project done.”

Significant project achievements included:

  • Cost reductions from post-bid value engineering saved the District over $620,000;
  • Performed nearly $500,000 in design changes during Phase 1 without added days to the construction duration;
  • Passed critical State Department of Industrial Relations for elevator and wheel chair lift on first inspection;
  • Passed critical County Health Services for Kitchen and Food Service on first inspection;
  • Collaborated with District staff to accommodate early teacher entry for school set-up;
  • Maintained a collaborative and supportive relationship with our District client, the City of Pittsburg, the design Team, and the project Inspectors.