F&H’s Featured Employee – Obafemi Oniyinde

Our featured employee is Estimator/Project Manager, Obafemi Oniyinde, PE. Born in the United Kingdom, Obafemi grew up around a construction environment. His dad was a chartered Civil Engineer (the United Kingdom’s equivalent of a Registered Civil Engineer) who would often take him to project sites when he was younger. This opened his imagination as a child, building roads and bridges in the dirt to play with his toy cars. “I always knew I was going to become an engineer and my dad guided me in that direction, says Obafemi.

Obafemi, a California Registered Civil Engineer has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree from the University of Glamorgan, UK, Associates of Science degrees in Construction Management Technology and Building Inspection Technology both from Consumnes River College, Sacramento. He also has a LEED AP BD+C designation.

Obafemi came to F&H Construction a little over a year ago with a strong background as a structure design engineer, cost and quantities estimator and construction liaison project engineer. He was hired by F&H as an Estimator/Project Manager where his daily activities include looking at scopes of work and estimating the values for each trade for many different projects at a time. “Working for F&H has been a very uplifting experience. I love the company culture, the work environment and the camaraderie that I have formed with my co-workers. I consider it a privilege being part of a team where everyone cares about the company and contributes to its success by overcoming daily challenges and creating opportunities. This helps make even the tough days enjoyable. I am also very pleased that I was given the opportunity by F&H Construction to start a new phase in my career,” commented Obafemi.

Obafemi and his wife are parents to four beautiful children aged 8. When he is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and fundraising for his children’s school and local church parish. If time permits, you’ll find Obafemi cycling in the fresh outside air with his family. Most of his extended family still resides in Europe and he is currently planning a visit back to his home country over the upcoming holidays.

A company is only as great as the employees that work for it and Obafemi is an example of a great employee. He is friendly, intelligent, capable, responsible, and willing to help our clients and subcontractors as well as the staff he works with. The estimator is a critical position within F&H Construction, and Obafemi is part of the process that is responsible for evaluating bid specifications and drawings, interacting with subcontractors, ensuring that the estimating department knows everything required to successfully bid and win the project. Obafemi also works with the project management teams to follow-up on bids and budgets. The F&H Team looks forward to working with him for many years to come,” states Harold Jones, CFO.