Meet Our Summer Intern, Megan Doe!

F&H Construction offers an internship program by which students can gain valuable, real-world experience that can be added to existing skills and knowledge. This summer we had the pleasure of working with and mentoring Megan Doe, a college student.

Megan Doe is born and raised in Stockton, California and is currently a Junior at California State University, Chico. She is majoring in Construction Management and in her free time she likes to play tennis, ski and attempts to surf.

During Megan’s internship she learned to identify and write RFI’s, send out submittals and do job closeouts. She has also attended multiple Subcontractor and OAC (Owner-Architect-Contractor) meetings. By doing this, Megan has learned what must be done while working in the construction industry as well as recognizing the hard work and dedication a person must have when working on construction projects. She clarifies, “At school we learned about what everything is and the lingo that is used, but seeing everything in action is completely different.

She is inspired by the teamwork and encouragement from her coworkers at F&H to continue on with her major and in the future she hopes to become a Superintendent or a General Superintendent.

The reason Megan Doe applied to the internship program is because she has “heard many great things about F&H.” In closing Megan says that “I would love to work for F&H Construction when I graduate, since they have a great team and everyone is fun to work with.”

The F&H team thanks Megan for her hard work and wishes her a successful year at school!