F&H takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Last year more than $115 Million dollars was raised to help find a cure for ALS with the Ice Bucket Challenge.Of the $115 Million raised, $77 Million dollars went straight into research. Through this research, scientists were able to identify a protein, TBP43, that wasn’t doing its job.

Although identifying the protein is not a cure scientists are optimistic that with this they will be able to further their research and find a cure in the near future. So now, it is time for Phase 2 of the Ice Bucket Challenge to continue the fund raising efforts and research.

F&H Construction has donated $100 for each employee who participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge on August 26, 2015 for a contribution of $2,000. We are challenging all of our subcontractors, suppliers, and other general contractors to do the same.

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The ice and water for this challenge was used for irrigation.