Tuolumne County Mother Lode Regional Juvenile Detention Facility

Presently, F&H Construction is in the middle of managing the construction of a new 27,000 square foot, 30-bed detention facility to house juvenile offenders for the County of Tuolumne. The project that is located in beautiful Sonora is constructed of concrete and steel on close to 2.48 acres. The facility will include one housing unit with 18 sleeping rooms, classrooms, dayroom, medical examination room, an enclosed/secure outdoor exercise area, central control room, juvenile processing, holding cells, vehicular sallyport, administration/staff area, laundry room, kitchen and maintenance area including other ancillary spaces plus site work, irrigation, utilities, security electronics, fencing, landscaping and parking.

This project is supervised by our team members Project Manager Tim O’Brien and Project Engineer Brendan Corbett. They agree that their favorite part is, “The location! Sonora is a pleasant place to work. It is scenic and a nice community.” They also like “working through issues with plans and keeping the project moving forward.”

Tim O’Brien, Project Manager, is currently working on, “Building the concrete masonry building, which requires a lot of coordination with the mechanical and electrical contractors. The site work is completed through underground utilities with paving and site appurtenances to be completed at a later date.”


When questioning Brendan Corbett about daily operations he is involved with his response is “Besides construction of the building, documentation of all the people onsite, meetings, change orders, RFIs (Request for Information) and submittals happens on a daily basis.

F&H recognizes that subcontractors are key facets to successful projects. John D. Wait Masonry and Con J. Franke Electric are two dependable and ideal subcontractors on site.

John D. Wait Masonry’s work consists of CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) walls, stone veneer and architectural precast. The representative on site is Derek Piper and he is “Laying out, reinforcing and placing the CMU walls which make up the majority of the walls. What he likes the most about this project is the scenery from the scaffolding. When asked about what he has learned from this project he answers, “Even though I have practically seen it all, the teamwork goes a long way and F&H Construction’s leadership on this project is top notch.”

Ricky Batterton with Con J. Franke Electric mounts all sites and building electrical conduits, A/V system, fire alarm and generator systems. Some of his daily operations are “Laying out and installing wall boxes, site lighting and all finish electrical work.”

“Since there are no exposed conduits permitted, all conduits will be hidden in the walls and ceilings, making the layout especially critical on this job,” answers Ricky Batterton when asked what he likes most about this project and when questioned what he has learned, he states that, “Since this is a specialty type detention facility we have gained a lot of experience running conduits in CMU and the extensive access control system, which will make future jobs easier.” Con J. Franke Electric is also pleased with “The F&H team who has performed great in keeping the project running smoothly.”


Our construction team is looking forward to the completion of this project in late September, 2016.

To follow the construction progress at Tuolumne County Mother Lode Regional Juvenile Detention Facility, check out the webcam.