F&H’s Featured Employee – Susie Turpin

Our featured employee is Project Manager Susie Turpin. Susie became part of the F&H family 12 years ago when a former F&H employee recommended her to the company.  Susie began her career at the company as a Project Engineer with 3 years of experience as a Project Administrator.

Susie was born in Pittsburg, CA, but grew up in Dublin, CA and is currently raising her family together with her husband Shane in Manteca, CA. They have 2 beautiful children, Kaytlyn (16), who is currently learning how to drive, enjoys to wakeboard, kneeboard, and is a fearless snow skier, and Shane Jr (10), who plays soccer and baseball. Together, Susie and her family enjoy relaxing on the lake and camping.

Susie has had many great mentors along the way who have molded her into the position as a Project Manager. During her career at F&H, Susie has been part of many different projects such as the construction of schools, parking structures, community centers, cineplex and multiplex theatres, retail facilities, and is currently heading the project “Mirabel Fish Screen and Fish Ladder Replacement” located on the Russian River.

“The Mirabel Fish Screen and Fish Ladder Replacement project was a new challenge, but new challenges inspire me and I have gained knowledge on this project that I will be able to use in the future and for that, I am thankful I was given the opportunity,” Susie says.  She explains that “This project consists of construction of a vertical slot fish ladder, fish screen with 6 intake bays, fish screen cleaning system with a vertical brush controller and viewing gallery with 400 square feet of viewing windows. It also includes a temporary dam and rock fish passage upstream, dewatering of the river channel and groundwater as necessary to maintain dry working conditions.”

Stephen Seibly, Vice President, has the following to say about Susie Turpin:

“She is an extraordinary person who is extremely talented. She is dedicated, organized, uplifting, and intelligent. During the years at F&H Construction, Susie has been part of a variety of outstanding projects. She is very competent and has a good foresight. Given a complex problem Susie has a rare and enviable ability to find a simple solution. Clients and subcontractors have the outmost of respect for her. I thank her for the enthusiasm she adds to the F&H team. I hope she will continue to inspire us with her commitment and innovative thinking for years to come.”