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With all of our team members involved, our approach to construction begins by collaborating with you and establishing the roles and responsibilities necessary for building the best quality structure we can.

Building the best quality structure involves more than reviewing the design documents. It includes anticipating any possible construction challenges and overcoming potential delays. Based on extensive reviews our team provides feasibility recommendations that take into account the overall scope of work, materials availability and any timely constrains due to labor and market conditions.

During the pre-construction phase we focus on providing all estimating, value engineering and scheduling requirements for a given project. Combining data from our comprehensive cost record database with valuable subcontractor input, we provide our clients with accurate estimates and in-depth scheduling detail that result in projects completed on time and on budget. We establish a complete timeline with milestone dates, important decision points and project approach, based on the Client’s goals.

Bid Administration

  • Estimate the probable construction cost for each bid package
  • Review construction documents for all constructability concerns
  • Analyze and define contract packages to generate maximum competition from pre-selected subcontractors
  • Prepare the bid list for the architect and owner’s review and approval for each trade, prior to issuing work for bid
  • Select only the most qualified four to five subcontractors to bid each trade. We limit the amount of subcontractors to find the most efficient subcontractor for the job
  • Review proposals submitted by selected subcontractors of all trades

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